Solution Focused Counselling 

Life transitions are a common reason for counselling   We focus on empowering individuals to find solutions in their life by figuring out what a person's goals are, and supporting them to find ways to achieve those goals

Care Coordination

Our holistic assessment includes a physical, psychological and social functioning evaluation of the older adult, as well as a home safety inspection. Based on the assessment, we develop a customized client care plan to identify private and public resources available to support the older adult. We coordinate the natural and purchase supports to keep the older adult safe and happy at home.

Wellness Monitoring

Regular visits with the older adult help ensure that they receive the best care available. Our visits help older adults with things that they want done, big and small. This includes computer skills, organizing photos, planning family events and other issues.

Accessibility Issue Resolution

Ageing in  place requires making changes to the home to help maintain independence.  This may include de-cluttering   home improvements, and a home safety inspection.

Relocation Services

We support families during transitions from home to another location or facility. These services include cleaning, de-cluttering, downsizing, and setting up in the older adult’s new home.

We are available 24/7 to support your family.


Who hires Live Your Best Solutions?

Wise adult children of ageing parents needing help with system navigation.

Families who live out-of-town and need help managing care in Windsor Essex.

   Attorneys who work with elderly clients and/or their families.

   Older adults who are trying to maintain a balance of independence and support.




 Our Solutions Support Your Family